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Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System

What is it?

The N.T.I. Tension Suppression System is a prefabricated poly carbonate matrix that a dentist custom fits to the patient’s teeth. It is completely different from any other type of mouthpiece.

How does it work?

The NTI is a small, nearly invisible plastic device that you wear over your front teeth while you sleep. In one short visit we can provide the NTI oral appliance for you

Studies submitted to the FDA showed after 8 weeks:


Nausea Episodes Reduced


Light Sensitive Events Reduced


Sound Sensitive Events Reduced


Emergency Drug Use Reduced

The NTI System Is


Simple To Use

The NTI is an invisible plastic device placed on your front teeth during sleep.

Completely Safe

After being custom fit by us, your NTI device will remain fixed throughout the night.

Extremely Effective

82% of migraine sufferers had a 77% average reduction of migraine events.*

*Based on studies submitted to the FDA

Frequently Asked Questions

Consult Your Doctor

Only a physician can diagnose your headache. Patients without a diagnosis and patients having new or “worst ever” headaches should consult their physician. All NTI patients must be diagnosed by a medical doctor to have tension type or migraine headaches.

All forms of organic disease must be ruled out prior to NTI treatment.

The NTI System is not effective for everyone.

How do I know that NTI is safe?

The FDA approved both the safety and effectiveness of the NTI-tss in June 2001. Extensive testing was required before the FDA gave its approval.

I have migraines with visual effects. Can I be helped?

Yes. The NTI-tss protocols are effective for most types of migraines and tension type headaches, including migraine with aura (visual effects).

I've tried night guards before, why should the NTI work any better?

The NTI-tss is unlike any other night guard or oral device, hence the U.S. and international patents. Other devices are bigger, bulkier and can actually increase clenching and facial tension. The NTI-tss is small, comfortable and reduces clenching of the powerful migraine muscle.

My current medicines control most of my headaches, why should I try the NTI?

The NTI-tss is for patients who want to prevent the onset of headaches without the use of drugs.

I have crowns on my front teeth. Does that mean the NTI can't help me?

No, crowns and veneers won’t interfere with the NTI system. There are some situations when artificial teeth (like implants) are a problem. Our exam can determine if you are a good candidate for NTI-tss treatment.

My doctor thinks my headaches are related to TMJ. Am I out of luck?

Not at all. The NTI can be effective for TMJ problems. In fact, the FDA approved the NTI-tss for TMJ (the jaw joint) several years before it received migraine approval.

I wear dentures. Can the NTI help me?

Unfortunately not. The NTI-tss protocols depend on natural front teeth to control the intense clenching common to nearly all headache and migraine patients. Hopefully, this will change someday.